What should I wear?

Something comfortable and easy to move around in – women, please do not wear skirts or dresses – pants work best!  Closed-toed shoes are required.  If it is hot weather and shorts are your choice for the day, make sure they are long enough so your harness leg straps don’t rub on your body.  If you have long hair, make sure you pull it back and if you wear glasses – make sure you secure them with a strap.

Try and keep your pockets free of any sharp objects and if you choose to bring a camera, make sure it has a strap that can cinch around your wrist.

Help us help you – if you show up for your tour and you have not complied with the above guidelines, you may not be allowed to go on your tour until you comply.  Thank you for understanding this is not about our desire to force you to do anything ridiculous, but rather our attempt to keep you and your stuff safe while you are on your tour.

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