How safe is a zipline canopy tour?

How safe is driving down the highway in your car?  Of course there are inherent risk involved, you are soaring through the air on a zip line cable.  Things can happen.  However, at LLCT, we take the responsibility of keeping our guides and participants safe with the utmost level of care and respect.  Any LLCT course has been, and always will be, designed and built to meet and in most cases exceed the professional standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology ( and no guide will ever lead a tour without the proper training.  We practice scenarios often and all of our guides continually watch for potential mishaps, so they can prevent any potential mishap before it happens.  At minimum, every piece of gear and equipment used on the tour will hold at least 5,000 pounds and most the gear and equipment exceeds the 5,000-pound capacity.  So, eat up before you come and ride with LLCT!

Our guides are also facilitators and care not only about your physical safety, but also your emotional safety.  So, for those of you that may be struggling a bit with trusting the gear or yourselves, our guides will work with you during your tour to help you OVERCOME!  You can do this!!

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