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Group Picture on Legacy Canopy Tour

Wilson Othodontics Team Building Event at LLCT

Check out this awesome video from Wilson Orthodontics from their Team Building Zip Line Event here at LLCT!

Team building events like this are a great way to get your team to open up to each other and build fluid working relationships. It’s a proven fact, teams are more productive when they know, understand and enjoy the company of fellow team members. Here at LLCT, we make great teams stronger every day!

2017 Summer Fun on Lake Lanier

Summer on Lanier Islands Resort is in full swing! Here at LLCT we are running zip line tours all day. So if you’re at the resort or just looking for adventure, come book a tour with the best zip line and canopy tour in Georgia!

Aerial Pine Isle Dual Racing Zip Lines

Aerial Pine Isle Dual Racing Zip Lines

You found the tour with the long and fast zip lines!! The first 5 zip lines highlight multiple 1,000 ft. zip lines, a gorgeous walk overlooking Cocktail Cove on a 250 ft. sky bridge, an amazing ground landing and the Duals!! The Duals are our 1,500 ft. racing zip lines built side by side. Will you master ‘the tuck’ and win?? If so, you will reach speeds of 50 MPH as you soar towards the Bullseye Landing Platform! Once you zip the Duals, you will have a bit of a walk to catch the final 2 zip lines. The last 2 zip lines are the “Bouncy Tigger Zip Line” and a final 1,100 foot zip line! The views you will see on these 7 zip lines are awesome!! Bald Eagles, Red Tailed Hawks, Deer and even Fox have been spotted on the Pine Isle Tour!! SO, what are you waiting for? Come make memories with us! For more information on the Pine Isle Zip Line Tour CLICK HERE

Christmas Gift Packages Now Available!


Christmas Gift Packages are now available at Lake Lanier Canopy Tours!

Looking for that perfect gift idea for your favorite adventure seeker? Give the Gift that Keeps on Zipping! For a limited time this holiday season LLCT is offering full zip line packages that include the zip line tour, 1 day entry into Lanier Islands Resort, photos and a LLCT T-Shirt. There are several zip line tours to choose from; the Legacy Canopy Tour, Lakeside Zipline Tour and Pine Isle Zip Line Tour. This gift package is delivered by mail and is the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas!

Gift Packets guaranteed Dec 23 delivery if ordered by noon Dec 19.

For more information or to order LLCT Christmas Gift Packages, CLICK HERE

Adventure By The Water

Georgia State Homes Article

Georgia State Homes Article

Check out this Article on LLCT from logo

 Adventure By The Water


Zombie Zipline Tours 2016


Zombie Ziplines 2016 – Legacy Nights Zip Line Canopy Tour

We’re always dreaming up ways to enhance your zip experience at LLCT. Our latest and greatest idea is this: the Zombie Ziplines Halloween Tour! In this Halloween Themed Tour…

A zombie horde has overrun Lake Lanier Islands! The resort grounds are teeming with packs of ghoulish zombies looking for their next meal. You and your companions, are surrounded by the undead that roam the roads, woods and waters around the resort. The only way out, is to use the network of ziplines to navigate over and through the infected area to safety! We’ll pair your group up with our Zombie Survival Experts, who are equipped will all the gear and tricks needed survive the zombie infested Lanier Islands Resort. Together, you will sneak through the forest a zip over the terrifying dangers below.

WHEN – Begins October 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th.

Tour Times – Between 8pm and 10pm

CLICK HERE for More Details

Lake Lanier Canopy Tours (featuring the Pine Isle Tour)

Lake Lanier Canopy Tours (featuring the Pine Isle Tour)”>Lake Lanier Canopy Tours (featuring the Pine Isle Tour)

Hanging on Pine Isle

Pine Isle Zip Tour LLCT

The Pine Isle Dual Race Towers, Lake Lanier Canopy Tours

NEW Lakeside Tour Open

Lakeside Zipline Tour

The Lakeside Zipline Tour is now open!

The BEST of the BEST! The Lakeside Tour!!

If you are looking for a tour longer than the Legacy Tour, but not as adventurous or physical as the Pine Isle Tour – Lake Lanier Canopy Tours suggests the NEW & IMPROVED Lakeside Tour! The Lakeside Tour is our best foot forward! It is THE tour to choose if you are seeking the best we have to offer.

Josh Moon

Ziplining at Lake Lanier Canopy Tours

The Lakeside Zipline Tour consists of 3 sky bridges, 12 zip lines, 120 spiral stair steps and is a 3-31/2 hr. tour. The first 7 zip lines features beautiful views of Lake Lanier as it zips you around a cove inlet and OVER the Lake Lanier cove. The leafless winter months offer the best views of the lake while the remaining months boast great scenes as you zip through the tree canopies and over Lake Lanier at the height of its boating and recreational opportunities. The next 5 zip lines include a gorgeous 1,000 ft zip adjacent to Cocktail Cove, our dual 1,500 ft. (that’s the length of 5 football fields!!) racing zip lines where you zip side by side with that special someone, our famous Tigger Line and ends with a second chance to win a free LLCT T-shirt on our chill 1,100 ft. ending zip line. These 12 zip lines are the BEST of the BEST!

  • 12 Zip Lines – with 2 zip lines going right OVER Lake Lanier
  • 3 Sky Bridges
  • Tree-based & Pole-based platforms and 120 spiral stair steps
  • 3 – 3.5 hours (depending on group size)
  • Max group size is 8 (call the office if you have questions)
  • Minimum age = 8
  • Weight Restrictions = 50 lbs. – 250 lbs.

Click for LLCT Zip Line Videos

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