Zombie Zipline Tours 2016


Zombie Ziplines 2016 – Legacy Nights Zip Line Canopy Tour

We’re always dreaming up ways to enhance your zip experience at LLCT. Our latest and greatest idea is this: the Zombie Ziplines Halloween Tour! In this Halloween Themed Tour…

A zombie horde has overrun Lake Lanier Islands! The resort grounds are teeming with packs of ghoulish zombies looking for their next meal. You and your companions, are surrounded by the undead that roam the roads, woods and waters around the resort. The only way out, is to use the network of ziplines to navigate over and through the infected area to safety! We’ll pair your group up with our Zombie Survival Experts, who are equipped will all the gear and tricks needed survive the zombie infested Lanier Islands Resort. Together, you will sneak through the forest a zip over the terrifying dangers below.

WHEN – Begins October 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th.

Tour Times – Between 8pm and 10pm

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