When’s the Best Time of Year to ZIPLLCT?

When’s the Best Time of Year to ZIPLLCT?

Many of our Guests and Guides will agree, August through October is the best time of year for a zip line tour at Lake Lanier Canopy Tours! Here are some of the most frequent endorsements for fall canopy tours;

Zip Line in the Fall

Fall on Legacy Zip Lines

  1. The VIEW! It’s outstanding this time of year around Lake Lanier.
  2. Comfy Cloths. The cooler temps and blue skies means standard zip attire is blue jeans, light jackets and shades.
  3. Be an All-Star Entertainer for Family and Friends! Couple a Zip Tour with a Lanier Islands Event; Drive-In Movie, Full Moon Party or a Lake Cruise.
  4. Legacy Nights Tours That’s right, zipping through the trees and over the lake at night! We also offer Full Moon Tours on the Pine Isle Zip Lines… for those with Adventurous Hearts! Glow sticks optional!
  5. Haunted Zip Line Tours begin in October! As if zipping through the trees several stories above the ground wasn’t exciting enough, our zip Legacy Zip Tours get a little spooky this time of year!
Haunted Zip Line Tours

Haunted Zip Line Tours



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